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Dec 31, 2012 4:00am PST
to say. we are looking at the end-of- the-year trading with scott bauer of trading advantage this morning. scott, what do you anticipate? > > you know what angie, i really think that people that have stayed in the marketplace the entire year, have just ridden out the rally that we saw this year and did not reduce their positions, did not exit out earlier when we saw some of the higher points in the market, i think there is going to be some profit-taking. i don't really believe that it is going to be all that severe. but why wouldn't you want to take some money off the table at the end of the year and maybe start over a little bit? so i wouldn't be surprised if we do see just a slight sell-off really just due to maybe some of the funds in retail, taking profits off the table. > > and what are traders thinking about 2013, scott? > > you know, it is all about the economy at this point. if we can continue, especially in the housing market, if we can continue seeing, not a booming housing market, but the upswing that we saw toward the last quarter of the year, then i think that is going to be
Dec 4, 2012 4:00am PST
that the election is over, it might not be over for one coal company. scott bauer of trading advantage joins us now for a closer look at a coal stock. good morning to you. > > good morning angie. > what are you seeing in walter energy? > > this one is really sticking out. the stock has basically halved this year, from $60-ish down to $30. just recently - end of last week, yesterday - we saw a monstrous, monstrous call buying for this particular stock in the $30 and $32.50 lines, not just for december monthly expiration, which is still about three weeks out, but even on the weeklies. just a tremendous amount of call buying. so, is it someone just trying to take a position where the stock has halved this year? or, is it possibly in play a little bit? don't know, but it is definitely sticking out on the watch list. > did the stock mostly tumble because it was conventional wisdom that if governor romney was in the white house that was a plus for coal stocks, and a negative if it was president obama? > > i think you saw that across the board in that sector, though i will say that wlt really started fall
Dec 5, 2012 4:00am PST
the economy. scott bauer of trading advantage joins us now. scott, what is the gold market telling traders about the prosepects of the economy going over the fiscal cliff? > > angie, it has been a very interesting trade in this space recently. people look to gold as the safe haven, yet we have seen gold prices come off about 5% over the last couple months. and in fact, yesterday was just touching a major support area, both psychologically and technically, right around that $1,700-an-ounce level. now, you would think that if the gold market, or people trading gold, were really that concerned about the fiscal cliff, that would be the safehaven, and we wouldn't see this major sell- off. but, we are seeing that, and actually if we break through this $1,700 level, the next major area of support is down about another 5%, around $1,620. > so the fact that people are not rushing to gold tells you that there is a chance that maybe things will be ok. > > exactly. > good to have you on the show. that's scott bauer of trading advantage. > > thanks angie. newly-elected massachusettes senator elizabeth
Dec 11, 2012 4:00am PST
traders are using gps to potentialy make money. chart talk is coming up. we have located scott bauer of trading advantage to talk about a couple of stocks that might be in for major rallies, starting with garmin, which makes gps products, and gap, which happens to trade under the ticker gps. good to have you on the show. > > good segue angie. > i thought it was pretty cute. let's take a look at garmin first, which makes the gps. what do you see in the charts that you like here? > > after the announcement a couple weeks ago that it was being added to the s&p 500 index, as of the close yesterday, we saw a pretty good appreciation in the stock. all of these fund managers out there that track the s&p 500 and have their clients' money in funds in the s&p 500, they had to get into garmin. so, $42, which is really the level that it traded at up until yesterday, that is a pretty good resistance point. that is a pretty high point. i wouldn't be surprised if we saw it pull off just a bit, because now much of the buying pressure is taken out of the stock. > interesting. and gap. what is going o
Dec 19, 2012 4:00am PST
is right around the corner in chart talk. scott bauer of trading advantage joins us now for chart talk on harley davidson. good morning to you. good morning angie. is this a stock that investors should be hog wild over? it's had quite the run over the last year. it's up about 40% from its low of 36 to where we are currently trading in the 49 range. which also happens to be really toward a top end resistance area. but i will tell you, the technicals really look very, very strong. we're seeing lots of call buying to the upside. and the 200 day moving average---which had broke a few weeks ago---which was right around 45 the stock has not even looked back. it's really continued upwards from there. so it looks as if we can break through this 49-49 1/2 area. next stop is probably its all time high at around the 52-53 level. what strike is that call buying happening the most predominantely? we're looking at the 50s actually and a lot of it in december as well with only a couple days left to go until expiration. is this still seen as an economic play of sorts? it seems that over the last year
Dec 21, 2012 4:00am PST
of 10 years in prison for helping his brother bernie in their infamous ponzi scheme. scott bauer of trading advantage joins us on this friday morning for a closer look at the markets. good morning to you. we had a nice santa claus rally going on here. do you think that this fiscal talk is just going to kill it? > > no, it doesn't look like it. the trend over the last few days is, we have seen the market up, but we have seen it really kind of accelerate toward the end of the day. so, as news has not come out negatively, people are buying into the market. but what is interesting is, we have seen the vix, or volatility index, the protection of the market, also rise over the last three or four days, and rise fairly significantly. what that tells me is, the people that are still in the market, that have not sold their long positions due to capital gains tax or dividends tax or anything like that, they want and should protect themselves. that is why we have seen the vix rise over the last few days, in addition to the market. > scott, what do you think about this deal of the icy buying
Dec 13, 2012 7:00pm PST
. >> well i don't have that. >> bauer but you are given a set aren't you? who does the mail, what happens is the mailing information is provided to us from the applicant via the affidavit saying this is rue and accurate and we use that information as part of the area that is to be notified all of the individuals to be notified. >> may i have that answer back? >>> what happens is the applicant as part of the application provides us with the mailing labels and the postage very similar to the planning department and their notification requirement affidavit we use that information as part of the department's notice. >> okay. sorry to interrupt you i wanted to make sure i heard that. >> no it's the same we are getting to the same point. >>> thank you. . >> commissioners i think we need to verify that the notice was appropriate and that it was accurate and that the comments that were made and the information in the brief was not new information. even though i voted against this particular case, most of the stuff that was presented both orally and in writing was not new in
Dec 8, 2012 6:30pm EST
hidden things happening on that show. it was really fun to have someone say, did you notice jack bauer go to the stairs. it was really fun. >> michael powell, with detracting that you mentioned, when you look at the future of tv and advertising, what do you see? as the 32nd-had gone away? are we going to see a new mode of advertising? >> i think we already have an answer to that. when i was talking about stalking, you are essentially talking about advertising. whether the purpose is political or to sell a product. the one to create a composite of my preferences, my travels through digital media. that has certainly created a degree of advertising that has specificity that television advertising never did. if you are procter and gamble and you run an ad, it is very hard for you to know how much of the ad works. he ran at. some creative group says you did a great job, they like the look of a. you run consumer surveys. the internet provides much more real time answers to those kinds of return on investment questions. i think you see advertisers chasing a lot of digital advertising because the
FOX Business
Dec 20, 2012 4:00pm EST
earnings as soon as they're out, we will get right to that but start with scott bauer at the cme. let me ask you about research in motion, we don't it is off life-support but so much riding on the blackberry 10. >> the numbers they come out with enough few minutes really going to be immaterial. one important factor, the subscriber base. the subscriber base is not down and no announcement they are delaying the release of january 30th, there is room to run on this stock. i know that is a far cry from where we are. a very good resistance point. the loss is expected to report on the 2.65, those numbers are not as significant as what happens to subscriber base. have they been able to hold on to these people in the hope that -- [talking over each other] liz: stock is halted, last trade 1412, you are calling 17.5, not bad. as you say, it is a long way off. the broader market, the final hour ridge used the markets, we end up the highs of the session. >> this is what followed through at the close today, volatility is a bit up, so cheap, everyone on the sidelines in the and everybody's still in th
Dec 10, 2012 8:00am EST
jack bauer just fell 40 feet up the building, but he walked up three flights of stairs -- you know? these kind of funny elements you never would have known, and i found that enjoyable. my wife found it odd, but you'll see things like that. >> host: well, michael powell, with the tracking that you mentioned, when you look at the future of tv and advertising, what do you see? is the 30-second ad going away? is it -- are we going to see a new mode of advertising? >> guest: well, i think the present already answers that. the new mode of advertising is there. when i was talking a moment ago about the stalking, you're essentially talking about advertising. you're talking whatever the purpose is for, whether political purposes or selling a product, the ability to track and create a come composite of d a composite of my preferences and my travels through digital media certainly has created a form of advertising that has a high degree of metrics and specificity in a way that television advertising never did. i mean, television advertising is a great thing to a degree, but it's always been a
Dec 10, 2012 8:00pm EST
with my bauer because we're out shopping and if we don't get back i'm goes to mess it and not have any ability to catch up to it or see it again. i can remember that anxiety. when are we getting home? no child today has that experience, first of all, already. but the new dimension that's going to come into that is the devices. more than just the traditional set in the home but the ability to get to these other things, which is why you see people talking about software and ip, meaning if i can speak the language of awe computing devices and i can import my experience to computing guys that will give the consumer more power to choose time, place, manner. i love homeland. i heft seens's episodeend. i heard people tack about it. but i'm picking and choosing when i see it. redskins were on monday night: -- go skins -- i much preferred to see that. but tonight, slower night, might one-half itch it to and that's what a dvr does. when you start to have the ability to command content more fully, as i think jeff is talking about, things will look a lot more like that. what i don't necessarily ag
Dec 21, 2012 7:00pm EST
, .05% of those interrogators actually were taking their cues from jack bauer, there was a systemic problem for sure that i suggested that we, you know, try to intervene on the behalf of those people. and to try to, you know, disabuse them of the fact that this is a television show. and so there, you know, and it is a television show. but it did -- and, again, i may be pollyannaish about this, but the that "24" became the sort of political football that it became for a while anyway, i think, was a valuable thing. >> monday night at 8 on c-span, how movies and television portray politics and policy making followed at 9:20 by george will and at 10:50,
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
are >> an investigation is underway tonight on what sparked these claims that the bauer home in the undock. -- -- that consumed this home in done about. thankfully no one was hurt, but everyone that live there have been displaced. new details in the kidnapping and the rescue findings later of nbc correspondents richard engel. he and his crew are safely out of syria, but we are hearing more about their time in the war-torn country. engel says there were 15 kidnappers, heavily armed, all wearing ski masks. they drag them out of their car and took them to interrogation areas where the ordeal continued. he spoke about the experience on "today" this morning. >> we were not physically beaten or tortured. it was a lot of psychological torture. choosing who would be shot first. there were mock shootings. when you are blindfolded, but they fire a gun up in the air. >> the kidnappers did execute at least one of his escorts at the time of their capture. he says that the captors were talking openly about their loyalty to the government during the ordeal. they escaped during a firefight between their c
Dec 13, 2012 2:00am PST
they make it through a mushroomsture that we thought was a bastian of progressive thinking, union bauer and women's. >> right we have legislature going against the will of the people. and we have a governor who said he did not want to deal with divisive issues. jobs was job number one and he completely flip flopped on that. it would have been nice to see him come out and say i'm going to veto this legislation. there are so many bills i can't even keep them all straight. you named a few of them. but coercive abortion. we offered amendments that you can't coerce a woman in completing a pregnancy and that amendment would not be accepted. the right for insurance, like you said, and this isn't just taking control over a woman's body away from herself taking control from a doctor, you're putting it in the hands of employers, insurance companies but then you think about the economic issue as well when you talk about the rider for the insurance as well, a woman has to plan ahead of time that she's going to need an abortion? well all the economic burden falls on the woman for that. the war on wo
Dec 27, 2012 9:00am EST
's" nutritionist, joy bauer. good to see you. processed foods will make it a little more simple, is that the idea this year? >> i think what we're going to be seeing in 2013 which ill excite a lot of health conscious consumers is processed foods will continue to clean up its acts. these are favorite not so healthy brands. you can see the ingredient list, there are 60 items and some are suspect. hydrogenated oil and artificial colors and dyes and some even have nitrate. because of consumer demands, we want more natural foods and we're also looking closely and hard at the ingredient labels. i'm happy to say companies, a lot of these companies as well from breakfast cereals to snack cakes are reformulating to give us simpler, shorter and more natural ingredients. >> does it make them healthier? >> it does. we still have to watch calories but i like the fact we can feel better about the processed items we put in our body even though we should eat less process and more whole. >> you're telling me poptarts are okay in the new year. >> cocoa. >> cocoa, thanks to new impressive research showing flavin ol
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am EST
of hunger in the martyier. >> someone who supports montgomery county all the time. chief rich bauer. >> good morning, holly. >> he hay busy schedule today. says i need to be there early because that is the only way i can get it on so thank you. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> it is porn to you and important to the fire department for you guys to come support community events like this. >> absolutely. that is what fire rescue always does. >> fire rescue always likes to get out the fact that now is a perfect time to make sure that your smoke detectors are working. >> smoke alarms and co detectors this time year, every day of the year. >> do you have any other tips as far as christmas lights or trees. effect is decorating right now? >> electrical. make sure that you don't overlot your power strips and cords and stuff like that. makes a big difference. >> and in addition to being here helping with the stuff a truck campaign, you have your annual toys for tots. >> it is ongoing right now so give what you can. >> and you have some guys that are going to be coming out here and some ladies too. >>
Dec 1, 2012 9:00am EST
wants not to attract suspicious attention. i think i would dress like eddie bauer down coat, hat down over the eyebrows, extra over the half for insulation and large sunglasses and a balky indian shawl wrapped around the face. nevertheless i have never been asked to remove these clothes in a department store or boutique or public building or even a bank. in the summer if i were the intelligent sort of terrorist i would wear a big floppy hat and a long list cast and carry a louis baton handbag. that is what a smart terrorist would do and those are the new ones we need to worry about. so what to do about threats that all balky and non revealing clothing creates? airline security does a lot with metal detectors and body imaging and pat downs and so forth and so long as it is done consistently we are all right. one system i particularly like is in place in india where all passengers a full menu will pat down by members of the same sex who are trained to be courteous and respectful. private stores or other organizations who feel bulky clothing is a threat with shoplifting or terrorism or b
Dec 25, 2012 1:00am EST
bauer and how he handles a difficult situation as a sole representative of how an american deals with somebody in who has a piece of information. it is a very hard thing to answer. that is a problem with literacy. that is a problem with education. there is an inevitable path of increasing sophistication, the amount of information that people can process and the amount of narrative complexity that people can process. it is on an increasing curve. >> i know you are an optimist. >> i am optimistic. look at television in 1968 versus or television is today. look at what the cbs evening newscast from 1974 versus what is happening today. it has become more politicized. the ability to process information has grown. these are issues of education. >> [inaudible] >> right. it is now more obvious. >> there is ongoing battle globally. people are putting out ideas. various ways, hidden or not, and value systems for these arguments. that is going on all the time. every single person involved on whatever level in our industry is putting something out there. obviously, you have to take responsibi
Dec 13, 2012 4:00am PST
. -alba >> the best the new category of best actor, steve bauer see me or what empire best performance by an actor or an image is in and day comedy musical bradley kilmecooper, bill murray as performance by an actor in a supporting role by a motion picture. alan arkin, argo live in outer the cabriole, n.j. go and stand still see more often, the master tommy lee jones, a lincoln bats from is by and actors and a motion picture drama does a good casting zero dark 30, mario kart the rest in bonds? helen merrin hitchcock, up the family wants the impossible, naomi watts the deep blue sea >> a little embarrassed i'm still in my pajamas as early. (laughter) kevin costner, hatfields and mccoys. but then they come back, sure luck masterpiece woody harrelson, and games change clive owen hemingway and elmore best television series drama breaking bad amc, boardwalk empire hbo, downtown abbey's season to pbs, a homeland showtime, the newsroom hbo best performers by an actress in a supporting role in a motion picture and the adams the master? sally field lincoln, and have a way to claim as a prime, n
Dec 21, 2012 6:00am EST
know, .05% of those interrogators actually were taking their cues from jack bauer, there was a systemic problem for sure that i suggested that we try to intervene on the behalf of those people, and to try to, you know, disabuse them of the fact that this is a television show. and so, you know, and it is a television show. but it did -- and, again with, i may be pollyannaish about this, but the fact that 24 became the political football that it became for a while, i think, was a very valuable thing. >> monday night at 8 on c-span, how movies and television portray politics and policy making followed at 9:20 with george will on the historical link between religion and politics, and at 10:50, singer/songwriter james taylor monday night on c-span. ♪ find myself careening into places. .. >> i'll never forget that night mom was cooking dinner, literally we -- [laughter] sitting around the dinner table and mom is cooking dinner and she looks over at my dad and she says, jerry, something's wrong here. [laughter] you just became president of the united states and i'm still cooking. [laughter]
Dec 24, 2012 9:00am PST
are barbarians of another kind, cost-cutting accountants and the budget/ing bauer row accurates. in the past two years the budget to maintain the sites has been cut by at least 20%. as a result, some sites have been closed and projects cancel canceled. the coliseum will remain open, but some ancient treasures may literally be buried. he worked for several years at the gladiator's tomb. if funds around found, it will be recovered with dirt. >> translator: the most logical thing to do is to bury it again, she says he. it will be up to our grandchildren to decide whether that will be temporary or permanent. >> reporter: russell crowe has joined the fight to keep the site open telling an italian newspaper italy must be a leading in preserving ancient heritage. an online petition called save the gladiator's tomb has been started by an american archaeologist to raise funds and put pressure on the authorities to keep the site open. >> this is part of bigger picture, which is italy is a great country. it he lee is a leader in cultural heritage and preservation. they do great work in italy, and their exp
Dec 24, 2012 5:00pm EST
their cues from jack bauer, it was a systemic problem and i suggest that we try to intervene on behalf of those people. but to suggest that -- this is a television show. i may be pollyanna-ish about this, but the fact that 24 became the political football that became for a while was a very valuable thing. >> tonight at 8:00 p.m. on c- span, how movies and television portrayed policy and policy making. -- politics and policy making. and i 10:50 p.m., singer/songwriter james taylor. >> the taping was top secret. it seems the only people who knew for certain of its existence for my father, the secretary, and the secret service agent who installed it. that is, until provident -- until president nixon made the idea of white house taping famous. [laughter] and other presidential recording systems were revealed. against the backdrop of water grade, -- of watergate, the concept of secretly taping can be controversial. we hear tense confrontations of the civil rights movement and a life or death decisions being made during the cuban missile crisis. >> caroline kennedy in a discussion in the 196
Dec 6, 2012 1:40am PST
: bauers says her average client does just three hours of her fitness plan each week and feels a difference in just two weeks. >> just pulse down. two, three, good. four. good, that looks awesome. >> reporter: after 40 grueling minutes in bower's studio, i have a lot more respect for all those angels. >> did you have a good time? >> reporter: the newest angel. >> put your swan arms on. you are ready to go. >> eat your hearts out, victoria's secret. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> every time you do a butt crunch, an angel gets her wings. [ laughter ] linsey davis. >> i know what i am getting, they're releasing a workout dvd. >> really? i'm going to get in shape. oh! that's what i am talking about. oh! >> no, you didn't! >> look at the four pack. >> don't be scared of chocolate thunder! >> don't be scared of chocolate thunder! and me... discovering once-daily levemir® flexpen. flexpen® is prefilled. doesn't need refrigeration for up to 42 days. no drawing from a vial. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. flexpen® is insulin delivery... my way. levemir® (insul
Dec 11, 2012 7:00am PST
face but page here is what you rhodian. for daniel said don't like this the old is better. bauer says they can do so much better. the design look silly. >> a lot of pages on facebook have been started. i saw this morning about people wanting to change slow or going back to the old one. join our conversation go to facebook .com/kron 4 and post your comments. >> i have to admit i like the 01 better. >> the old one was to collegiate. >> we want something that looks more like a so the top can. >> may be a target in will. >> not good. >> i like the old one. there is no way to change it >> today said it would change their mind. >> they have not said. petitions are going on tens of thousands of signatures. >> i am not feeling it. >> 7:27 a.m. we will be back in a couple of minutes. >> here is a live look outside the san mateo bridge traffic is not bad here on 92. it looks pretty good. we will have erica coming up with your the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year is always with kron 4. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks will be on kron 42 year's eve live show. it is hos
Dec 3, 2012 8:30pm EST
. it seemed like there was a change that happened when he became ambassador to the czech republic. mr. bauer didn't have transparency in its dna. there were different pieces of institutionalization and who is in control there. questions around agencies doing things. where are the barriers here? what is impeding progress from where i sit, they don't agree on everything, but they agree on a lot of things. what is it holding up progress here? anne, maybe you can go first. .. spotty. and even when it's not spotty they're ready areas of ambiguity. and they tend to take the most soda of aggressive bullish tight position that they don't have to open seven community meetings or telephone meetings or what have you. the president's jobs council had not met in more than six months, which is now, i think, 11 months and which was true because if you look you can see there has been no attorney meeting. they are meeting by telephone on a monthly basis and getting briefings from fairly significant government officials at the head of the national economic council of the treasury secretary or something along
Dec 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
protection team headed by bill bauer and court in the, and we had a good system to track. so just break down what we saw on election day. 32% of the issues we saw were related to ballot shortages and capacity issues. basically lack of resources. about 20% were -- came from the overuse of provisional ballots. we were seeing this over and over again. voter should not be given provisional ballots but were. a lot was training, a lot misunderstanding, 15% of the problems were site issues. you know, machine problem, polls opening late, different issues with the actual site, and then rest had to do with challenge issues, a bunch of other things. so we were seeing issues here and there, and we don't just see election day anymore as election day. we see it as early voting time so a lot of these we saw leading up to election day and thankfully in a lot of states that have early vote we werable to address those issues far in advance, which is one big benefit of early voting. you can see when poll workers are misinterpreting the law and requiring voters to show an concern when they didn't need to. that
Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm EST
and ramsay bauer to the united states -- bower to the united states. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentlewoman from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen, and the gentleman from new york, mr. engel, will each control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from florida. ms. ros-lehtinen: i thank the speaker. i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and to insert extraneous material into the record on this measure. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. ms. ros-lehtinen: thank you, mr. speaker. i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from florida is recognized for as much time as she wishes to consume. ms. ros-lehtinen: thank you, mr. speaker. 3 1/2 years ago, colin bougher's two sons, noor and ramsay, was -- were abducted from the united states by their mother in violation of the custody ruling given by the courts of the commonwealth of massachusetts. the boys' mother used forged passports to remove the boys from the united states and take them to her nat
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)